Yechury tells CEC to clarify the AADHAAR to be voluntary and not “obligatory”

Aadhaar card serves as an important unique ID proof for the people or the inhabitants of the country. The proof was also decided to be linked to various documents like the ration card or the voter id so as to help the civilians get the advantage of the various schemes introduced by the govt in the favour of a common man.

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It was always a topic of debate whether to make Aadhaar compulsory or let it be Voluntary. A recent event caused confusion regarding Aadhar cards. The event took place at NEW DELHI where CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury in a letter to Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi,  mentioned that he had “received feedback” to stating unease that state election officers have directed our teams of enumerators to gather the Aadhaar card specifics of voters.

He said though the Election Commission had some time ago elucidated that Aadhaar card specifics are voluntary and not a obligatory requirement for being registered on electoral list, the recent practice as per his views gives a wrong impression.

This according to him conveyed an impression that the EC has made a decision to make Aadhaar card compulsory for exercise of franchise.

Zaidi was requested by Yechury to clarify that the Aadhaar Card is not compulsory for the exercise of franchise and safeguard the inviolability of the data base composed by ECI from being perhaps misused. The database contains huge amount of information about the individuals thus needs to be protected against the bogus or the duplicate voters or any of such misuse on grounds that are deliberately banned by our Constitution.

According to him this may be done by a media release and instructions to the representatives of the Election Commission of India and the state election commissions (as written by him).

Yechury also wrote that those people who have provided the information or the specifics, have also got SMS messages on their numbers that they no longer are required to produce their electoral cards during the time of casting their vote as an acknowledgement. He said that, although Election Commission had previously made it clear that the Aadhaar Card specifics are voluntary and not an essential requirement for being registered on the voters’ list, this practice “appears to propose that the Election Commission has decided in making the Aadhaar card a compulsory prerequisite for the exercise of franchise”.

Yechury also told Nasim Zaidi that the Supreme Court has given a verdict that Aadhaar card can never be made obligatory for the application of franchise, apart from others. He said that the Parliament is so far to enact legislation on this notch. Under these conditions, it is certainly very odd that the electoral officers are practicing such an exercise passing on such an impression.

The CPM general secretary moreover mentioned that the records collected by the Election Commission and connecting it up with the Aadhaar card belonging to every single voter is a enormous data base, perhaps the largest database in any nation of the world, that too based on the biometric IDs system which could be put to an unlawful usage for discriminating against a section of bona fide residents on grounds that are deliberately prohibited by the Constitution. Linking this type of unique Id proof to voter ID, ration card or bank account helps the individual to take the advantage of the service or schemes introduced by the government to help the common people or the civilians residing in the country.

Further he said that he was certain that the Election Commission of India would not give itself for such a gross mishandling of database it possesses of the Indian electorate over such connectivity with Aadhaar Card.

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