Use Aadhaar to Lodge the Complaints : Government of India

Use Aadhaar to Lodge the Complaints : Government of India

Complainant needs to give its Aadhaar number also on the off chance that the complaint is identified with legislative work. The principle explanation for this thought is to lessen fake dissensions. Through DARPG’s entry, individuals can hold up grievance against any administration organization of any state.

Government representatives won’t languish over fake grievances submitted against them on the site. Individuals will be urged to give their Aadhar card number also while topping off the problems online yet Aadhar card won’t be made required for registering a grievance.

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On the website, about 1 lakh protests are fed each year. Around 3 lakh protests were documented online in the year 2014, as indicated by authority records. Branch of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) encourages online unified open grievance review and observing framework. Some false objections without legitimate confirmations are held up on the entry, said a Senior DARPG official.

In order to scrutinize fake grievances through from the authentic ones, individuals ought to be encouraged to give Aadhaar number. This will avert misuse of government representatives. Head administrator is himself observing protestations online through Online Proactive Governance Implementation.

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