How to link Aadhaar card with a voter ID card?

After linking Aadhaar card with the PAN card, Govt has recently taken an initiative to link Aadhaar card with the Voter ID card. To prevent voting from Fake voter card, it is an effective way to link it with the Aadhaar card. The linking between Aadhaar card and Voter ID card is a perfect idea to get rid of bogus or multiple voter ID cards in a single individual’s name. Govt. Of India also given the name to this linking process, i.e. EPIC (Electoral Photo Identification Card). 

After linking them, you can also check aadhaar card status online instantly. 

Here is the full process through which you can easily link your Aadhaar number with your Voter ID. In this article, we are covering all the processes, including Online, SMS, Phone, and Offline.

  1. Link your Aadhaar card with voter ID card through NVSP Portal(Online Method)

First, you need to visit the National Voter Service Portal (NVSP) –

  • Login or create your account by filling the details like phone number, email ID etc.  
  • Once you logged into your account, search your details in the database by providing some information like your name, date of birth, and your father’s name. Or you can also enrol with your Voter ID no or EPIC number to search the details.  
  • When you find your details with the portal, click on the “Feed Aadhaar card” button. 
  • One dialog box will appear on your screen, in which you need to fill your name(As per Aadhaar card), Aadhaar card number, Voter Id number, registered mobile number and/or registered email address. 
  • After filling the form, you need to click on the “Submit” button.  
  • You will get a confirmation message that your application to link Aadhaar with voter ID has been registered successfully.

2.  Link your Aadhaar card with voter ID card through SMS 

It is quite simple and time-saving process for those who are not comfortable with the online way. All you need is to send an SMS from your registered mobile number which is linked with your Aadhaar card. 

Go to messages – create new SMS – type < Voter ID Number > < Aadhaar Number > – send it to 166 OR 51969.

You will receive the confirmation SMS within sometime. 

3. Link your Aadhaar card with voter ID card through Phone

Another technique besides online and SMS process is a simple Phone call method. There are dedicated call centres which are available for such kind of processes. On weekdays, you need to call on 1950 between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm to link both. All you need to provide your Voter ID and Aadhaar card information to the call centre person. 

4. Link your Aadhaar card with voter ID card through Offline method

You need to visit the nearest Booth level officer(BLO), Submit an application to them by providing all your details. BLO will process the linking after verifying your details. 

All the above mentioned processes are simple methods through which you can easily link your aadhaar card with your real voter id card. 

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