How to Download & Print Aadhar (by Name & Date of Birth)

When you get your aadhar enrollment number and aadhar number, you can easily download it online in just a few minutes, but it applies when your aadhar card got approved. 

Registering in Aadhar’s system is easy, and once you do that, then you can easily download the best biometric system of the World i.e.  Aadhar card online and print it so you can carry it around with you and use it when you need to.

If in case you lost your aadhar number and aadhar enrollment number, then you can easily download your aadhar card. 

  1. First, visit UIDAI website.
  2. When you visit the site, you need to fill your personal data including your name, address, and your registered phone number. 
  3. When you do that, click on the “Get OTP” (One Time Password) option.
  4. You’ll get the password via text to your registered number.
  5. Enter the password and then click on “submit”. Once you do that, you will get an email or text message with your enrollment ID details.
  6. Now that you have your Aadhar number, you can go to Aadhar’s page on UIDAI’s website.
  7. Once you’re there click on “I Have” and check the enrollment ID option.
  8. Enter your full name, your Aadhar enrollment number, your PIN-code and make sure you enter the security captcha you’ll find on the page.
  9. Once again you’ll have to enter your registered phone number and ask for the One Time Password by clicking on the option.
  10. When you receive your OTP, enter it and click on “done”.
  11. Then you’ll have click on “Validate and Download” and that’s all!

As due to govt. Privacy issues that file are password-protected, so in order to open it, you will have to enter the password which is the first four letters of your name in capital letters and the year of your birth. Remember that a copy of the eAadhar card is valid, which means you won’t have to worry about the consequences of losing your physical card.

How to recover EID if you lose your Acknowledgment  Slip?

If in case you don’t have your acknowledgment slip, then you can recover it, you just need to visit UIDAI Website : 

  1. Go to UIDAI’s website.
  2. Click on the “Retrieve Lost UID/EID” option that you’ll find in the “Aadhar Online Services” section.
  3. Enter your personal details, such as full name, email or phone number, and enter the security captcha.
  4. When you receive your OTP, enter it, and you will be able to see all of your enrollment details.

How to print my Aadhar Card?

When you open your eaadhar card which is in the form of PDF and click on the “Print” option that is available on the setting menu of PDF, or you can also use the shortcut on your keyboard by pressing CTRL+P.