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 Now you can Link your AADHAR number with your Personal Identification Documents

Application for AADHAAR Seeding:

To Link your Unique 12 digit AADHAAR number with your Personal Identification Documents or Benefit Cards the Government of India has provided a service through internet.

Personal identification Document or Benefit Cards such as:

  • Scholarships
  • Pension ID
  • MNREGA Job Card
  • LPG Consumer ID
  • Other such similar identity documents with residents of India.

The 4-step Process to link your AADHAAR Number :

1) Enter your Location Detail:
Location details – State and District Name

2) Kindly Enter your 12-digit AADHAAR number, & Contact Details
Contact Detail – Mobile number and strongail

3) Now Select the Benefit type & details 
Select the Benefit type & details You want to link with your AADHAAR No. Click Next.

Benefit type such as Pension, or Scholarship or LPG connection etc.

4) Enter the OTP (One Time Password)
Enter the OTP (One Time Password) No, sent to your mobile, and the Security code displayed. Click Submit.

Your Request is registered. The concerned authority will verify and confirm back to you.

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SMS Based Seeding Service:

You can also link your AADHAAR number by sending SMS to 51969.

Send SMS to 51969 to submit Seeding Requests:

SMS Format:
For all schemes other than LPG
UID SEED <State Short Code> <Scheme/Program Short Code> <Scheme/Program ID> <Aadhaar No>

For Example: UID SEED JH POSC 1234567 131313131313


Note :
Kindly Check the network charges with your service provider.

For all schemes other than LPG :
State Short Code:
Please use appropriate state short code

Scheme/Program Short Code:
Below table has list of currently available Scheme/Program name and its Short Code.

Scheme/Program ID:
Every Scheme/Program will have unique Scheme/Program ID to identify beneficiary. For example for SCBW scheme every child will have a unique roll number/registration number.

Aadhaar No:
Valid twelve digit Aadhaar Number.

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