Yechury tells CEC to clarify the AADHAAR to be voluntary and not “obligatory”

Aadhaar card serves as an important unique ID proof for the people or the inhabitants of the country. The proof was also decided to be linked to various documents like the ration card or the voter id so as to help the civilians get the advantage of the various schemes introduced by the govt in the favour of a common man.

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It was always a topic of debate whether to make Aadhaar compulsory or let it be Voluntary. A recent event caused confusion regarding Aadhar cards. The event took place at NEW DELHI where CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury in a letter to Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi,  mentioned that he had “received feedback” to stating unease that state election officers have directed our teams of enumerators to gather the Aadhaar card specifics of voters.

He said though the Election Commission had some time ago elucidated that Aadhaar card specifics are voluntary and not a obligatory requirement for being registered on electoral list, the recent practice as per his views gives a wrong impression.

This according to him conveyed an impression that the EC has made a decision to make Aadhaar card compulsory for exercise of franchise.

Zaidi was requested by Yechury to clarify that the Aadhaar Card is not compulsory for the exercise of franchise and safeguard the inviolability of the data base composed by ECI from being perhaps misused. The database contains huge amount of information about the individuals thus needs to be protected against the bogus or the duplicate voters or any of such misuse on grounds that are deliberately banned by our Constitution.

According to him this may be done by a media release and instructions to the representatives of the Election Commission of India and the state election commissions (as written by him).

Yechury also wrote that those people who have provided the information or the specifics, have also got SMS messages on their numbers that they no longer are required to produce their electoral cards during the time of casting their vote as an acknowledgement. He said that, although Election Commission had previously made it clear that the Aadhaar Card specifics are voluntary and not an essential requirement for being registered on the voters’ list, this practice “appears to propose that the Election Commission has decided in making the Aadhaar card a compulsory prerequisite for the exercise of franchise”.

Yechury also told Nasim Zaidi that the Supreme Court has given a verdict that Aadhaar card can never be made obligatory for the application of franchise, apart from others. He said that the Parliament is so far to enact legislation on this notch. Under these conditions, it is certainly very odd that the electoral officers are practicing such an exercise passing on such an impression.

The CPM general secretary moreover mentioned that the records collected by the Election Commission and connecting it up with the Aadhaar card belonging to every single voter is a enormous data base, perhaps the largest database in any nation of the world, that too based on the biometric IDs system which could be put to an unlawful usage for discriminating against a section of bona fide residents on grounds that are deliberately prohibited by the Constitution. Linking this type of unique Id proof to voter ID, ration card or bank account helps the individual to take the advantage of the service or schemes introduced by the government to help the common people or the civilians residing in the country.

Further he said that he was certain that the Election Commission of India would not give itself for such a gross mishandling of database it possesses of the Indian electorate over such connectivity with Aadhaar Card.

Learn How to Link Voter ID with Aadhaar Card


link voter id card to aadhaar

Learn How to Link Voter ID with Aadhar Card

Indian Government is eager to find a solution to reduce untrue voters and duplicate names in voting list. The best way is to link Voter id with Aadhar card which is unique for every citizen of the country. The deadline to seed the voter id and Aadhar card is by July. The Aadhar card authorities and the Election Commission have made platform to link the two, they sound it as EPIC – Aadhar Seeding


How to Link Voter Id with Aadhar Card:-

Given below are the three ways to do the Aadhar seeding process, they are:

  1. Portal or self-seeding
  2. By SMS
  3. Call center


Link Aadhar through Portal or Self seeding:-

Portal or self-seeding is the finest way to link Voter Id and Aadhar card.

Step 1:-Take both Voter Id and Aadhar card.

Step 2:- Open the link

Step 3:- You will see a tab with 2 options. First is search by details and next one is search by EPIC No. Choose to search using EPIC No, because it is simple to use.

  • If you have sufficient time you can pick, search by details. By any of these option search your EPIC or Voter ID listing and once you find the result or your voter id (EPIC) details from the result click on Feed Aadhar No

Step 4:- Enter your EPIC number where asked in the box, select your State and click search.

Step 5:- Once you start searching, you will get certain particulars. Below that action you’ll then see an option to feed Aadhar Number. Click on that.

Step 6:- On clicking Feed Aadhar No. a miniature window form will pop out asking to enter the Name as it appears in our Aadhar Card, Aadhar Number, Mobile Number, select the mobile ownership type whichever is relevant from the catalog and enter your email id and click on submit to link your Aadhar Card Number with Voter ID or EPIC ID.

Wait for some time and then you will receive a SMS as acknowledgement.


Link Aadhar by SMS:-

Below mentioned is the way to link voter id with Aadhar card by SMS. :-

You can even complete the step to link Aadhar Number with EPIC ID or Voter ID just by sending SMS from your phone.

To Link Aadhar Card with Voter ID (EPIC) just type ECILINK <EPIC Number> <Aadhar_Number> and send it to 166 OR51969


Link Aadhar through Call Center:

connecting Aadhar Card with EPIC Card or Voter ID can also be finished by merely calling 1950 anywhere  between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and supply them your Aadhar Number and Voter ID particulars to total the process to connect Aadhar Card with Voter ID or EPIC ID.

So this sums it up , These are the 3 ways through which one can easily link Aadhar card number with voter id. Hope you find this Helpful!!!!!!!!!

Lost AADHAR Card | Apply for Duplicate AADHAR Card

Lost Your Aadhaar Card?  Misplaced Aadhar Card ?

Dont Worry !! 

Don’t freeze, if you have lost/misplaced your AADHAAR card. On the off chance that you have the AADHAAR number and/or AADHAAR card acknowledgement slip that was given to you at the time of enlistment, you can download copy AADHAAR card duplicate on the web. The copy AADHAAR card has same validity as the original one.

To download copy AADHAAR card duplicate on the web, click here: Download copy AADHAAR card duplicate online. On the off chance that you DO NOT know your aadhaar number and DO NOT have the acknowledgement slip that was given to you at the time of enrollment, take after the guidelines beneath to TRY and get copy AADHAAR card.

aadhar card logo

If  you have lost your AADHAR card Enrolment ID and don’t know your aadhar number, you can get the AADHAR card by emulating these steps beneath:

  1. Go to
  2. Select appropriate option, “Aadhaar No (UID)” OR “Enrolment No (EID)“, under “You want to receive your lost:
  3. Enter your Full Name
  4. Enter your Email Address
  5. Enter your registered Mobile Number
  6. Enter the security code as displayed and click on “Get OTP” button
  7. One Time Password (OTP) will be delivered to your mobile and/or email address
  8. In the box below, enter the OTP you just received on your mobile and/or email address
  9. Click on “Verify OTP
  10. Now you will receive a message on your mobile with your AADHAR card number or Enrollment Id as you selected in Step 2 above
  11. Now go to
  12. Select appropriate option, “Enrollment Id” OR “Aadhaar”, under “I have:”
  13. Enter your AADHAR card number or Enrollment Id, full name, Pin Code, security text and mobile number
  14. Click on “Get OTP
  15. One Time Password (OTP) will be delivered to your mobile and/or email address
  16. Enter the OTP you just received on your mobile in the “Enter OTP” box and click on “Validate and Download
  17. Now you have downloaded your e-Aadhar card. Enter your Pin Code as the password when you open the PDF document
  18. You now have your e-AADHAR card, which you can print out

Contact UIDAI through toll free number and attempt and figure out your AADHAAR card data by giving them your demographic data, for example, your name, location, date of birth, telephone no., and so forth. To get UIDAI contact details, click here: AADHAAR Card Contact Number, Email and Address.

Call the toll free number and converse with the UIDAI delegate about your lost card. They will support you with sending a duplicate AADHAAR card at your enrolled postal location, to your enlisted email id furthermore can SMS you the AADHAAR number points of interest to your enlisted telephone number.

In the event that you are not able to contact UIDAI via telephone/ email, you might likewise contact your adjacent AADHAAR card provincial office with respect to your lost card. Bring all the reports you had submitted initially to the workplace.

In the event that nothing from what was just mentioned help, contact your adjacent AADHAAR card focus with respect to your lost card. Bring all the records you had submitted initially to the inside.

However in the event that you have lost your AADHAAR card enlistment slip, getting copy AADHAAR card may be a bit troublesome, as there is no online framework set up right now to get copy AADHAAR card without AADHAAR card enlistment slip.

Check Offline Aadhaar Status through SMS

If you don’t have an Internet association or you don’t have a PC/smart phone, no stress, you can at present track your Aadhaar status through SMS on your mobile. For this you will need to send an instant message (SMS) after which you will get the most recent status of your Aadhaar as an issue to your SMS on your portable number.

check aadhar offline

This service is absolutely free, in any case, your portable administrator may charge you standard SMS costs. You require your enlistment number for this reason.


aadhar card status through sms

You will just get your current Aadhaar status and no other detail. You need to utilize your enrolled versatile number for sending the SMS. It ought to be the same as which was entered at the time of your enlistment.

In the event that your Aadhaar number has been produced then your Aadhaar number will be sent over to you as SMS and if your Aadhaar number has not been created then the current status will be sent to your enrolled versatile number through SMS. Here is the manner by which you can check your Aadhar Card Status through SMS on your portable number.



and send it to


For example, if your enrollment number is 1001/12261/03336, then you will send

UID STATUS 10011226103336



Note: Kindly remove slashes ‘/’ from your enrolment number like the one shown in the example above.

How to Link Bank of Baroda Account with Aadhar Card


Bank of Baroda has started the service to link one’s bank of Baroda account to aadhaar card in month of Feb when RBI given the guidelines to the all nationalized banks in the country. It is really important for one to know why linking aadhaar is so much essential.
The reason behind this is to get subsidiary amount, one’s pension amount, his scholarships and insurance, or to get loans.

Bank of Baroda Logo


As we know aadhaar is one’s identity proof as well his address proof with biometric scan so it is considered valid at many organizations or institutes or government offices. There are chances that one may have lost his/her aadhaar or they might not have got it yet. Then in that case one’s eaadhaar card’s Xerox will also work.

Documents required for the process:

1)   Your  Original copy and photocopy of aadhaar

2)   Your bank of Baroda passbook and its Xerox.

Submit the documents to in your branch required the documents are duly attested. In case one hasn’t filled KYC form, then he should fill this form in order to get updated with aadhaar bank account. It would take 7 days for this procedure. After completion of this process one should link their bank account with LPG companies as well.

Inquiry about your Aadhaar Card at nearby Postal Office

Inquiry about your Aadhaar Card at nearby Postal Office

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Haven’t received your Aadhaar card yet?

Recently the unique Identification Authority of India Received loads of application about Aadhaar Card is Generated but many people didn’t get their Aadhaar to their Address, in many cases after  looking deeply into this the Aadhaar Cards are struck at Postal Offices itself. The Aadhaar card are either miss placed or the officials are not able to post the Aadhaar card to respective address due heavy work load. It is not departments fault, they are not able to handle this, as they are getting bulk amount of aadhaar card posts daily to their offices.

Due to applicants for the Unique ID is increasing with the days. It becoming difficult to manage the all the application at the time. So this is causing trouble to the applicant and the managing official of the government.

But Postal Department people are now handover-ing Aadhaar cards for only those who made inquiry about theirs aadhaar card. So the applicants have to go to your areas correspondent postal office and verify about your aadhaar card. If your Aadhaar card is delaying due to this reason you many get your solution there. if they didn’t find yours aadhaar card in their office, then you can also download your Aadhaar card from the eaadhaar card option.

Click here to download your Aadhaar card Online.

To check your aadhaar card status you can follow the simple steps. Click here to check status of your aadhaar card. You will only find your Aadhaar card at the office if your status is showing that your Aadhaar card is generated. A valid and nearby mobile number is mandatory at e-aahaar card download time cause you will get a verification PIN to your mobile and you have to enter that PIN in Computer Screen. A fake mobile number or your mobile number which is not with you will only cause you trouble because all the verification will be done on the mobile number through SMS. The Mobile Number can also be used for enquiry by the official.