Link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID with this quick and easy guide |

Know How to Link your Aadhar Card to Voter ID Card |

Link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID with this quick and easy guide

As everybody knows, the Voter List is extremely fouled up. It gets to be hard to revise it because of the extremely tremendous populace. This is the reason numerous names stay on it even after those individuals have kicked the bucket.

Likewise there are great deals of fake records in it also. Utilizing the Aadhaar Card, the administration needs to handle this issue. To expel counterfeit names from the appointive roll and to get an all the more clear perspective of the voting measurement, each subject is requested that connection Aadhaar Card to their Voter ID.

So we have incorporated a simple manual for connection Aadhaar Card to Voter ID through NVSP administration. You can do this in the accompanying ways:


Link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID through online entries (Portal Seeding)

This is the most straightforward and least demanding technique to finish connecting of Aadhaar Card to Voter ID. This should be possible by the accompanying steps:

  • Go to the Aadhaar Linking page arranged on one of the National Voters’ Service Portal (NVSP) administrations by Clicking Here
  • linking aadhar voter id
  • Fill in the points of information like Name, Age and so forth or simply the EPIC no and click on ‘Search’.
  • You will see your points of details consecutively if the subtle elements were entered right. There is a chance that your data does not get added to the database, or there is an issue getting to it. So attempt it a couple times before shutting.
  • Then click on ‘Feed Aadhaar No’. Fill in the given subtle elements and click “Submit”
  • After this has been done, you will get a message stating “Your solicitation for Aadhaar Number with Electoral Database has been successfully registered”


Link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID through SMS

To link Aadhaar Card through SMS, all you have to do is send the following SMS

ECILINK <EPIC NO.> <AADHAAR NO.> to 166 or 51969

Link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID through other methods

There are different strategies to interface Aadhaar Card other than the two above:

  • Nationwide Camps will be held by the ERO’s from 12th  April 2015.
  • Booth Level Officers will be doing a way to way administration for the linking

How to verify Ration Card Online

The procedure of checking whether your Ration Card has got uploaded or not is called online confirmation. On the off chance that you are listed then you have archive that demonstrates that you are a Ration Card holder and you ought to be given each one of the administrations which require this report so as to finish the appeal. Before presenting, each one of the clients who visit our site are required to twofold check the informative details they fill in their form. Blunders cause an excess of issues in online check which can prompt dismissal of applicant’s form.

ration card verifaiction

Confirmation of Ration Card is all that much vital. It is a standout amongst the most valuable bits of your records. A procedure should be trailed by the applicant in Ration Card confirmation.

You will need to take after a few steps in the event that you need to check your ration card. These strides are consolidated in this procedure:

  • Candidate can fill application of Ration Card on the web or else can fill and present the Ration Card confirmation form by hand.
  • For submitting Ration Card form, applicant needs a couple files with the application kind of Ration Card.
  • Government division inspector will check the confirmation of form filled by the applicant in the Ration Card form.

Right when all methods of Ration Card verification are done, you will get a receipt if government or assessor bolsters your Ration Card verification. At the season of confirmation, if your Ration Card check is not authorized or any kind of slip is found in your Ration Card, then an applicant can become acquainted with about verification status of Ration Card in the accompanying one month.

Important links for Uttar Pradesh Ration Card Appliers (UP food and Civil Supplies Department)

Download Rashan Card Holder Latest List

Click Here

Find Your Ration Card

Click Here

Official Website Link

Click Here

That receipt would clear up the status of check. You have to visit again to feed in the certifiable status of your Ration Card in case unobtrusive components given by you are not accurate or a couple defects are found in the records. The beneath link contains the rundown of clients of Uttar Pradesh having Ration Card. One should visit the link below to know that they have verification for ration card or not.


Rundown of Ration Holders in Uttar Pradesh

Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India. So if you are a residence of Kerala and want to get a ration card, then follow the below link:

Ration Card Online Registration Form Kerala

For people of Goa, follow the link below if you want to know how to register yourselves online and get a ration card:

Ration Card Online Registration Form Goa

Make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements and submitted your form correctly before checking your ration card online.

SIM Card getting linked to AADHAR Card

unique id card aadhar


The government is probing for rearrangements these days. To make traceability extra justifiable and honest, the administration now wants to connect an individual’s SIM with the Aadhar card. Aadhar serves as a individuality and location confirmation. The chief objective of unification of SIM with Aadhar Card is to get do away with ghost clients and control the exploitation of cellular telephones for anti-social movements

Similarly the Aadhar card can now be joined with your financial balance. Since everyone has a versatile association (SIM Card) and now and then more than two, the administration feels following the SIM will be a solid confirmation element. Much the same as the PAN card helps the Income Tax division in following and following the exchange subtle elements of an individual, the same way Aadhar will be utilized to follow the money related and additional social location of an individual.

In a perspective to furthermore screen action of non native in India, the administration likewise proposes to issue Aadhar card to outsiders. This however is an incredible measure yet the possibility is even now being wrangled over. So the information of the inhabitants and additionally remote nationals will be at the fingertips for the administration.

So, after almost a year’s disagreement with the ministry of home and the Intelligence Bureau (IB), there has been some development in a scheme to use Aadhar-based electronic Know Your Customer (KYC) data for allotting mobile phone SIM cards.

All involved parties have approved to carry out a scheme for testing the efficiency. Based on the conclusion, a decision will be taken on the way ahead.

According to a government official, an research will be conducted in the five circles of Bhopal, Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow and Bengaluru by telecom service providers. These include the government-run BSNL and MTNL, plus private companies like  Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance and Idea.

In the proposal, a person would get a fresh SIM card issued on his or her name instantly by putting in and providing in the Aadhar number and biometrics, without needing to provide a bodily documentary verification. The Unique Identification Authority (UID) servers from the back-end will authenticate the background

Also All chief telecom operators concerned are pushing the scheme, as e-KYC will bank them a momentous cost cutting in data storage and authentication. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India imposes profound fines on telecom operators for not maintaining sufficient KYC. They are anticipated to primarily deploy verification devices in company-owned outlets.

A regime bureaucrat said e-KYC is extra strong than physical documents. “No one person can own more than nine SIM cards and E-KYC will ensure a way to track the number of SIMs issued on one person’s name, difficult in the case of physical documents.” It has been reported that in one case in point, 7,000 SIMs were found to be issued on the basis of one document, the person added.

However, one of the greatest dangers in this is classified information stockpiling and recovery. The internet altering is a real issue with numerous enterprises. The administration will need to set up a wing just to shield the information and encourage opportune recovery as well. It is prudent for the administration not to utilize private players for putting away open classified information

An alternate worry that torments the telecom administrators is that of individual various SIM use. Securing SIM is made simple with negligible number of reports and even the Telecom administrators need to expand their telecom memberships. With differential and special offers in each one system strengths individuals to utilize those decreased value administrations. The Telecom administrators must be first brought under the net of controlling phantom clients and make changes in responsibility for.

Separated from the various short considerations, interfacing SIM with Aadhar is a decent change, unless like us, even you are not exceptionally content with the photograph clicked for the Aadhar card!


Now you can use Aadhar Card instead of Ration Card to Open Bank Account

A bank account turns out to be most vital in our economic existence today. Whether you have a new job, you are a capitalist or a student; you require a bank account. And in the upcoming time, subsidy on your LPG cylinders, scholarships, and other benefits would also be recognized straight to your bank account. Aadhar has emerged as the fresh contestant in the inventory of credentials that bank acknowledge as your identity evidence. Bank account opening which is a simple procedure where you just need to approach the bank and fill out a form giving your private details alongside your photograph.


no more ration card for Aadhaar

Now if you wish to open a bank account then we’ve got vital news for you, Ration Card isn’t any longer a legitimate document to open a replacement checking account. Ration Card has been replaced by Aadhar card as a legitimate document proof for gap a replacement checking account.

The ration card  the government issued booklet for availing of subsidized food under the public distribution service  is set to go down on its advantaged position as a legitimate document for opening bank accounts. Aadhaar is now ready to turn into the single widespread document for opening a bank account in India

On 17th July India’s central banking institution (RBI) issued a circular to all or any of the banks instructing them that Aadhar card is a political candidate valid document to open a checking account.

Besides Aadhar card alternative valid document for gap a replacement checking account are voter citizen card, PAN card, license, Passport and NREGA job card. Earlier it had been within the apply that bank or money institute might settle for the other document to open a replacement checking account however currently central government has notified that solely those documents are going to be valid that are within the official list of valid document proof.

Banks were accepting ration card or electricity or water bill to open a checking account however this may not be attainable from currently on. The circular states that amendments are required to watch on the black money.


Benefits of linking Aadhar to the bank account:

  • Subsidy for commodity products  The subsidy for a variety of services such as kerosene, sugar, rice, pulses and many other products whose prices are subsidized are also transferred to the associated account.
  • Scholarships students who collect scholarships from the government can get this money only if bank account of student is linked with their Aadhaar number. On the other hand this is mandatory only for the students from select Indian states.
  • Nation wide access: – associated accounts are accessible from everywhere within India and in future, patrons will be able to access via ATMs
  • Direct Benefits Transfer: – LPG cylinder subsidy total is straight attributed in the Aadhaar associated bank account after the LPG user number is linked.
  • Tribal welfare schemes: – Payments from these schemes will also be accredited to the associated account.
  • Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee:- Salary under this plan will also be accredited straight to the bank account of the employees.

How to make passport in just 10 Days using AADHAR Card

Aadhaar Card now allows your to Get Passport In Just 10 Days!


aadhar card logo


Excellent reports for owners of Aadhar card. If you have it, you can currently get your passport in 10 days, omitting the lengthy police verification procedure, which will be completed afterward.

To accelerate the passport issue structure, the ministry of external affairs (MEA) is now determined to depend on Aadhar card for recognition of the applicant and on the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) database for substantiation of his/her criminal antecedents.

With the aspirant self-declaration on aspects like citizenship, criminal antecedents, criminal proceedings, summons/warrants sufficing, the government will start issuing brand new passports on stipulation that the applicant will get the police certification done later. This is done in case of Tatkaal seva, too.

According to the new modalities devised by MEA, the home and law ministries and the Intelligence Bureau, the government, on the directions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has made Aadhar card a compulsory prerequisite for issuance of passports. The MEA has coordinated with UIDAI to put this into practice. In case the candidate does not have an Aadhar card, his/her Aadhar enrolment number would be enough since the uniqueness of a person who has enrolled has also been confirmed to a huge degree.


What exactly is the process?

Step 1 – Registering yourself at Passport Seva Portal

The very first step involves your registration.

Go to the link and register yourself.
Click on ‘register now’ link if you are a new user, and fill in information like your ‘passport kendra’, date of birth, and email id.

You will obtain a login ID on your given email ID. Afterward, you will be redirected to the home page.


Step 2 – Login

You are required to activate your account by clicking on the link which you will receive on your email ID. Log in to your account using your user name and password. Subsequently, click on the link ‘Apply for Fresh Passport’ or ‘Re-issue of Passport’. You will get two options to fill the form online or offline.

Preferably choose online. If you choose offline mode, download the e form fill the details and save it. An xml file is generated. You are required to upload this xml file to continue for the next steps.


Step 3 – Select your option

If you are applying for the first time for passport, your option should be ‘Apply for Fresh Passport’. Thereafter, you will be required to fill a form. Take your time while providing with your specifics, lest there would be a mistake. For once the passport process is wrongly carried; it takes a lot of time to reapply.


Step 4 – Fill in family details

Once you have filled in the details, save it timely while moving page to page. You can then access the page anytime by using your user name and password. In the next page, fill in your family specifics and move to the next page where provide with your address. Provide with your alternative contact details afterwards.


Step 5 – Pay and schedule appointment

Taking appointment and choosing the Passport Seva Kendra(PSK) office is again a simple step. Click on ‘View Saved/Submitted Applications’ page, select your application number (in case if you have applied for multiple members of your family). Now, click on Pay and Schedule Appointment link and fix your appointment time. After submitting the form you will be asked to make online payment through your credit card, debit card, or internet banking. This payment is non-refundable. In case you miss your appointment you can reschedule it for 2 more times after the expiry of the first one.


Step 6 – Print application receipt

After finishing the process, click on Application Receipt link to acquire the printout, which will hold application reference number (ARN) and appointment number permitting you to enter the PSK Office on the given time slot.


Step 7 – Carry original documents

The final step is to carry your original as well as photocopied documents to the designated Passport Seva Kendra or PSK chosen by you while taking appointment. You will be then subjected to Police Verification of your given address.

Within next 7 days, you will take delivery of your passport at home. Also you can take its copy online.

Aadhar Card will NOT be a mandatory document for Passport

Removing uncertainties about the validity of Aadhaar card to avail of government subsidies once and for all, the Supreme Court has confirmed that the Aadhar card is not obligatory, and additionally, officials who are adamant on them will be taken to charge. An irate Supreme Court issued a strict word of warning to the administration on learning that many government establishments still persist on Aadhaar for providing government subsidies and fundamental services to general public.

aadhar card benefits and modi government

A Bench of Justices J. Chelameswar, S.A. Bobde and C. Nagappan clarified that demands made by officials for Aadhaar card is in apparent disobedience of the Supreme Court’s provisional order of September 23, 2013. In the 2013 order, the head court had directed that “No person should suffer for not getting the Aadhaar card, inspite of the fact that some authority had issued a circular making it obligatory”.

The court’s outline dismissal of Aadhaar card’s validity comes at a time when over 750 million Aadhar records have by now been generated.

“Aadhaar is being insisted upon by a variety of establishment. We do not want to go into precise instances. We expect the Union of India and all the States to stick on to the order dated September 23, 2013. We will take the officers concerned to task if any order comes on trace making it (Aadhaar) mandatory,” Justice Chelameswar observed.

The court was investigating a batch of petitions demanding the Aadhaar scheme as an infringement into the public’s right to confidentiality.

“It is a matter of great public importance. The issue has serious implication in terms of Constitution. Notwithstanding the court’s order, there is insistence for Aadhaar. There is complete apathy on the part of officials,” senior advocate Gopal Subramanium, representing one of the petitioners and Bangalore-resident, Mathew Thomas, submitted.

As an example, he referred to NCT government’s notification on March 9, 2015, insisting that couples need Aadhaar cards to get their marriage registered under the Special Marriage Act.

In fact, senior advocate Anil Divan pointed out that the Bombay High Court Registrar had lately received an official statement asking him to make Aadhar obligatory for disbursal of payment to staff and even adjudicators. “You better advise the States, if the officials insist, it would have penalty. We will take them to task. This is absolutely not right,” Justice Chelameswar observed.

Mr. Subramanium argued that compilation of private records of populace of India under the Aadhaar scheme is not precisely a administrative action, but outsourced to private contractors.

“On the outside it (Aadhaar) is a simple document of identity, but it has linkages by means of iris scans and biometric details. God forbid if identities are exchanged or erroneous. the Executive’s scheme involves private partners. Who are these private partners?” Mr. Subramanium submitted.

Submitting how the common man is now level to the dangers of identity deceit, Mr. Subramanium said the “Sovereign State also has the duty to protect its citizens, to protect his identity, his personal information against possible misuse”.

Want to link EPIC with Aadhaar? Go online says district administration

National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programme (NERPAP) is voter registering project of the ECI or the Election Commission of India. It will connect the Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC) with the 12 digit Aadhar number of the listed voter. It targets to build an error-free voter ID system in the country, especially by removing duplications and forged or bogus voters. This project was launched on March 3rd 2015 and is predicted to be completed by 15 August 2015.

aadhar card logo

A month after the launch of the Programme which associates Aadhaar with voters’ Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC), it is yet to pick up the pace. The district administration has asked city voters to log onto the website to connect directly and not to wait for distinct drives.

Deputy election officer, Samiksha Chandrakar Gokule, said that even after a month of the launch of the programme, they were not able to draw a desired response. They rather want the urban voters to log onto the election website and give in to the details of the Aadhaar and the Elector’s Photo Identity Card so that they can be connected as the part of the programme. They can also do the needed at the Electoral Registration Offices, but city voters, having easy access to internet services, can do it directly and quickly.

The drive was planned to be on till June 30th. The election officer conveyed that inhabitants should tie their EPIC number with their UID number online on the website and those who did not possess an EPIC, should interact with the election office at the old Zilla Parishad building on the 1st floor. Currently, the EPIC reporting is 91 per cent.

Pune district has a total of 70 lakh voters. Voters have to give in their specifics under a distinct form that enquires EPIC number as well as 12 digit Aadhaar number. The initiative is fixed on gathering of information of Aadhaar card, intended revelation of replication of names, development of image quality in the voting roll as well as organizing mobile number and e-mail ids.

The ECI wants to have a clean and a fair electoral roll. Despite achievement of the summary revision, errors were seen. The drive is meant to be at an electoral roll without flaws, mistakes or multiple entries. The election officer further added that those whose names figured in two electorates should fill and submit the form 7 for removal of name. “We would be casting an eye over for such names and issuing warnings. If there is no reply, the names would be spontaneously deleted” said Gokule.

Feeding of the 12 digit unique Aadhaar number in the EPIC data base will be done with the help of a National Voters Service Portal, using web services through election commission website or through an text message service to 51969 or by email or by a mobile application. The application is still undergoing the process of development.

The process yet can be initiated by dialling these four digits :1950, it is a toll-free number, or by submitting the 12 digit Aadhaar card number and the EPIC number in a suitably filled layout along with a duplicate copy of EPIC and Aadhaar card. The programme is intended at attaining 100 per cent attention by the month July 2015 as per ECI guiding principle.

The commission has inquired the CEO to watch the programme carefully and take stock of the undergoing situation, the target that is achieved and the review of the work yet to be completed.